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Another study. This time from a photo Noah Bradley took in Iceland!

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Sterling Hundley to host 2-day workshop with Blank Space


Sterling Hundley to host 2-day workshop with Blank Space


In the beginning of October 2014 Sterling Hundley, creator of Blue Collar / White Collar,has agreed to host a special, one-time creative workshop for the Norwegian public, in collaboration with his new exhibition opening with Blank Space on October 3rd 2014. 

The workshop will focus on ideation and problem solving from direct observation. Students will utilize a sketchbook to complete…

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I’m SO SO SO SOOOO much looking forward to this! Come join me fellow Oslo illustrators on all levels! 

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The last three days have been a bit hazy… as my little brother was stabbed saturday night (no worries, he’s ok. Just a punctured lung and stuff, but he’ll survive).

so I’ve been working on this colour study when I needed a break from the world. Original picture was taken (and used with with permission) by an awesome artist I went to school with eons ago, check her stuff out! http://www.cathrineliberg.com/

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Sketchdaily theme a few days ago was Swamp. Really fun to do!

:O check out my friend! He’s awesome*_*

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Tumblr keeps suggesting awesome blogs for me to follow… o_o so many awesome ppl! I’m not getting anything done:P

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i tested out some brushes the other day, must say I really liked this pack \o/ might even have found my new favourite doodle brush!

LINK to the brush pack! made by Jama Jurabaev

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There’s a heat wave in oslo atm, which makes it really hard to work without feeling like you’re dying… thank god I have a fan at my desk o_o

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