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Tumblr keeps suggesting awesome blogs for me to follow… o_o so many awesome ppl! I’m not getting anything done:P

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i tested out some brushes the other day, must say I really liked this pack \o/ might even have found my new favourite doodle brush!

LINK to the brush pack! made by Jama Jurabaev

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There’s a heat wave in oslo atm, which makes it really hard to work without feeling like you’re dying… thank god I have a fan at my desk o_o

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Some quick colour studies to warmup today. These are from photos I got in a pack from joining Noah Bradley’s mailing list! Such excellent reference.

colour is hard ok? o_o

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I’m not dead! Just been very busy… o_o

Heres some Sargent value studies.

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Trying out this animation challenge o_o is hard… maybe I’ll get somewhere in the end OuO

DAY 1 - me or my persone… WITCHSONA \o/

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