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Sterling Hundley to host 2-day workshop with Blank Space


Sterling Hundley to host 2-day workshop with Blank Space


In the beginning of October 2014 Sterling Hundley, creator of Blue Collar / White Collar,has agreed to host a special, one-time creative workshop for the Norwegian public, in collaboration with his new exhibition opening with Blank Space on October 3rd 2014. 

The workshop will focus on ideation and problem solving from direct observation. Students will utilize a sketchbook to complete…

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I’m SO SO SO SOOOO much looking forward to this! Come join me fellow Oslo illustrators on all levels! 

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The Lock by a-vinter

Spent some time finishing this today. It was fun trying something a bit different from what I’ve been doing the last year or so..

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I’ve worked on this poop drawing for such a long time… The first three drafts of this was utter blargh.. But I don’t mind this one at least.. and it’s more or less done now.

I might add a cat, some time.. maybe..

thanks for looking

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I did some touchups on this one…


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It’s done! I can finally go to bed and apologies to my bf for staying up way to long… I’m sorry but I needed to finish this @_@

Was reading Ganymede by Cherie Priest and got a sudden urge to draw Andan Cly, the airship pirate. But ended up just being a worker dude o3o

Anyway, going on vacation tomorrow! Looking a lot forward to travel around again^^

I might do some touch up on this later but… ya know…. later…

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Hope everyone has had a nice monday so far o3o 

And yeah yeah, Harriet Potter:P I do actually have round glasses though… >_> And it’s still a bit too cold in Oslo to not wear a nice warm scarf!

Apparently I’m one of the three featured artists on HAI this week :D that’s pretty sweet!

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