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The Lock by a-vinter

Spent some time finishing this today. It was fun trying something a bit different from what I’ve been doing the last year or so..

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I’ve worked on this poop drawing for such a long time… The first three drafts of this was utter blargh.. But I don’t mind this one at least.. and it’s more or less done now.

I might add a cat, some time.. maybe..

thanks for looking

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I did some touchups on this one…


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It’s done! I can finally go to bed and apologies to my bf for staying up way to long… I’m sorry but I needed to finish this @_@

Was reading Ganymede by Cherie Priest and got a sudden urge to draw Andan Cly, the airship pirate. But ended up just being a worker dude o3o

Anyway, going on vacation tomorrow! Looking a lot forward to travel around again^^

I might do some touch up on this later but… ya know…. later…

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Hope everyone has had a nice monday so far o3o 

And yeah yeah, Harriet Potter:P I do actually have round glasses though… >_> And it’s still a bit too cold in Oslo to not wear a nice warm scarf!

Apparently I’m one of the three featured artists on HAI this week :D that’s pretty sweet!

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:O A drawing!

Tested out the whole… focus thing. Seem to work ok on the hair…
- a-vinter 

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